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Our Mission

Our mission to establish Tulsi Mandir is to restore the way of thinking, way of worship,  and the way of life of the Hindu culture. To restore any culture, one has to look for its behavior and language. Hindu Culture is several thousand years old and is historically proven to be the worlds oldest culture among 48 cultures of the world.

Hindu Culture inspires for the mutual development in this and the other world. We are Indians and our culture acclaimed as “Vedmanya and Vyasmanya’.  It is eternal, in spite of several attacks on it since the start of this era. Let us join our hands to encourage, develop and self reformation and to promote Hindu culture and civilization.

This is a community and volunteer work for spreading of Hindu Dharma. The building work of the Tulsi Mandir started with God’s grace and the generosity of donations that made the new Mandir possible.  The Mandir was successfully completed and continues to serve the community today. 

We kindly ask for your continued support, volunteering and/or kind donations, in order to upkeep the facility and to continue to serve the community.

-Tulsi Mandir

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