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Where Traditional ceremony meets modern day.


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The Mandir is equipped with a full Kitchen for large scale vegetarian meal preparations.


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Special events, are indeed - always special.

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Shri Tulsi Mandir, Pandit Lakhram Maharaj

103-24 111 Street, S. Richmond Hill, NY 11419, US

(347) 423-4059

Mandir Policy

We, at Shri Tulsi Mandir respect all religions and creeds. We respect all Individuals and their event functions held at the Mandir. We kindly ask for your understanding as to the Mandir policy (stated below) with mutual respect, and in accordance to our religious practices & traditions.


The Mandir is a place of religious worship, and absolutely no alcohol consumption is permitted on/off the property, including in front of the mandir main door entrance or alternate entrances, and no alcohol sidewalk consumption, including pathways/walkways surrounding the property and it's perimeter.

In addition, the Mandir has a fully functional kitchen for large scale meal preparations. We are a religious Hindu organization, and one that permits only vegetarian meal preparation on the said, Mandir premises. 

For any additional & unclear questions, please contact Pandit L. Maharaj.

-Shri Tulsi Mandir-