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The Sacred Tulsi

“Ocimum basilicum” or “Ocimum sanctum” which is commonly known as Tulsi,  is one of the holiest and most useful plants of Hindus.  It is found everywhere in sandy and uncultivated places.  In 1897,  J.A. Dubois wrote that “Brahman reveres it as wife of Vishnu and believes that nothing on the earth can equal the virtues of the Tulsi.”  Furthermore, he quoted “Tulsi Tulana-Nasty, Ataeva Tulsi” or the divine Tulsi is incomparable. 

There are two types of Tulsi plant—one is Rama Tulsi having light green leaves (generally of bigger size) and the other,  Krishna Tulsi , having dark green leaves, which is a prerequisite for the worship of Vishnu and Narayana.

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